I am so frustrated i am feeling like banging my head against the wall. Every think is going wrong the last few weeks.I guess they are right when they say'If it Rains it Pours'

Let's see

#1 Two weeks ago couldn't use any Water or the toilet for two day's (Pipes backed up)
#2 Bathtub was leaking, like a gallon of Hot Water every 5 minutes. Hubby had to open the wall and replace the whole Body Valve
#3 Hubby was planning to take my Brother-In-Laws Ashes with his Harley up to the Mountain to spread them. Two blocks from our house Harley went boom
#4 Graphic cards died on me
#5 Two days ago, blocked pipes again. Got the Plumber this time
#6 Washer broke
#7 Icebox went out

Please,please no more. What else can go wrong? On second thought's, don't answer that. Wonder who i pissed of to have such bad luck.:(

by laurahonest

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