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( Jun. 16th, 2010 05:16 pm)
Like millions of Americans we life from paycheck to paycheck. I do not know how i did it but this month i messed my checkbook up big time. I am so angry with my self. I can pay almost all of my bills but i will have no money left for food. It is a good thing my freezer and my cabins are full with food. But the one thing i can not pay this month is my Car payment . I called the bank and i can pay more on the next two car payment but it will show up as late. I could cry over this. Years ago my daughter ended up in the ICU and we had no insurance for here at this time. We got hit with over 20000.00 Dollar in hospital bill's. It ended all up in the collection agency. It took us years to pay them of and then a few more years to clean our credit report up to good standing. And here i mess up like that. Going back in my corner to feel disappointed at myself.:(

by Thalassa

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