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( Jun. 4th, 2010 07:58 pm)
At Denvers Dia you will find Blueficer (also called Satan's Steed, and Blue Devil Horse) a 30-foot tall blue Mustang with glowing red eyes. The reason they call him Blueficer is because the artist died in 2006 when a large piece of 'Mustang' fell on him in his studio.

Now Bluecifers has a new Buddy. ANUBIS God of the Death.An Egyptian statue that symbolizes the God of Death and the afterlife...sitting at an airport where people are arriving as well as departing...Hmmmm? Most People don't like flying to begin with. It's kind of weird, especially being at an airport. "Bad voodoo." I don't know about you but if i would see him on a airport watching me, i would be out of there.


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