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([personal profile] elflover59 Aug. 6th, 2010 12:04 am)
If you like one all i ned is your name.



From: [identity profile] girlspell.livejournal.com

Very pretty icon! May I have one?

Name: Rachel

May I also have one with the name Cris on it? I have a lj friend that would love this. If you can't, I understand.

Thank you so much!

From: [identity profile] elflover59.livejournal.com

Cris as in brotherskeeper1? She is a new mutual frind of mine.:)

Image (http://photobucket.com) Image (http://photobucket.com)

From: [identity profile] girlspell.livejournal.com

LOL..I wasn't sure you knew her. Actually Judy (Cris) and I have been friends for quite a while. I thought she would like that. She loves nature icons.

Thank you so much for the icon! I'll give Judy hers.

From: [identity profile] phyncke.livejournal.com

That is lovely! I would love one, please.

Name: Jane

Thank you so much. I just love this one. Very Tolkien. *hugs*

From: [identity profile] sweetkisses13.livejournal.com

May I please have one?

Name: Jessica
Please and thank you!! =)

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