I have a roommate who is one of my few friends. Like me he is very religious. But there is a big different between us. He goes to church twice a week, Bible study and Outreach ones a week. I don't go to Church, mostly because i get very bad anxiety plus high BP when leaving the house plus i don't study the Bible. What i do is i pray every night and try to be a good person. In the last 10 years i took like 20 peoples in and let them stay with me till they found a job and a own place to stay. I believe very much in our creator but it looks like being a good person is not enough. I always hear from my roommate i am going to HELL because i am not going to Church. It hurts so much to hear this because i do thing i am a good person. But if you hear this often you start to not believe in your self. Thats why i never talk about my believe because of things like this. I guess i will not be along in this place because there are so many people out there who are like me. I just feel like crying now after Hearing again acording to the Bible i am not good enough.

P.S. For some reason i posted the same entry 3 times and when i deleted two of them ,i deleted the one with all the comments. I wanted to keep your kind comments so i just put them back here from the e-mail.
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